If you want excellence you hire Larry Scott...

Michael J. Dowling
President & CEO
North Shore-LIJ Health System

A wonderful, talented man
who creates adventures
and fantasies for thousands
of people every year but
someone who is a man of
humanity who cares about
his friends who cares about
his family who is generous to
a fault. He’s just a kind and
wonderful human being.

— Judge Judy

It’s been more than a
week and we still
haven’t touched the
ground. Alana’s wedding
exceeded all our wildest
expectations. From the
moment we walked in
and burst into tears of
joy and happiness to the
jaw dropping ballroom...
You are quite simply
a genius at what you do.
Your heart and soul is in
every detail and your style
is beyond compare! We
had the time of our lives...

What Vera Wang has done for
wedding dresses, Lawrence Scott
has done for events. The décor,
lighting, texture and intensity
to detail, there is something
unmistakably identifiable about
his work. Each event is a journey
from start to finish for both him
and his guests, creating quite
a buzz and everyone's desire
for a Larry Party®.

— Art of Celebration

Larry's a member of the family...

— Father of the Bride

Before a Larry Party® I always wonder ‘What
is Larry going to do this time?’ You never
know...It’s always spectacular and ALWAYS
full of over the top surprises!


“Lawrence Scott Events mixes awe-inspiring elegance with a little theatrical flair.”

— GOTHAM Magazine